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Monday, 4 July 2011

Environment protection and improvement

Environment protection and improvement

CNC report from Guatemala, Morocco
Added On June 6, 2011


India to host Environment Day

It's World Environment Day!

In 1973, the first WED was observed to raise people's awareness of the environment. Since then, various events have been held to call for environment protection.
The Prayer of Rain in Guatemala is an ancient ceremony. But it has taken on new meanings in modern world.
Lifestyles takes you there.

The Prayer of Rain
40 days after the Holy Week every year, Mayan indigenes in Guatemala perform an ancestral ceremony around the Chicabal Lagoon to ask for rain .

The Lagoon, located in the center of Chicabal Volcano, is one of the main natural heritages in Guatemala as well as a sacred place for the Maya people.

Hundreds of people gather to the site to be part of the Prayer ceremony. The ceremony is now no longer just an ancient ritual. It shows more of people's concern for environment protection.

In fact, Guatemala is a country with many natural and archeological attractions of great value. Among them is Takalik Abaj. Let's take a tour there with Lifestyles.

Takalik Abaj lies in the the north of the municipality of El Asintal, southwest of Guatemala. It is one of the most important archeological sites aound the world.

The site had its golden age in the preclassical and classical periods, when the economy and the culture flourished in the area.

It used to be one of the most important commercial centers between 9 century BC and 10 century AD, trading frequently with Kaminaljuyi and Chocola.

Today, after restoration work, more than 80 stone buildings, 200 murals and 12 plazas are opened to the visitors. The architectures and arts there show evident Mayan characteristics with an implication of Olmec style it acquired in early ages.

Groups of archaeologists are working around the area, trying to find more about this ancient site.

Apart from these natural and cultural heritages, people's living environment is also of great concern for many countries. Morocco is one that is operating a program to get rid of the shanty towns in its cities.
Lifestyles has the details.

Morocco started in 2004 a project called "Cities without Shanty Towns". Its goal is to get rid of shanty towns around the country and improve people's living conditions.

The Program is to be carried out in up to 85 cities next year and bring benefits to thousands of households.

It costs a total of 4.85 billion dirhams with a plan to construct 55,000 lodgings and corresponding equipment.The government is coworking with big companies to achieve the goal.

The Program is projected to complete by June 2012.

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