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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Cooperatives News

What are the main Challenges for the Cooperative movement today?
Interview with Charles Gould, Director General, ICA

IYC 2012

*UN Secretary-General's Message for 2011 IDC--2011-07-06 13:39:02
*"Youth, the future of co-operative enterprise"-ICA--2011-06-09 08:57:47
*The logo of 2012 - International Year of Cooperatives--2011-05-11 14:16:58
*"Youth, the future of cooperative enterprise"--2011-05-03 09:38:09
*Resolution adopted by the General Assembly--2011-04-15 09:07:16
*Goals of the International Year of Cooperatives--2011-04-15 09:04:08
*“Co-operative Enterprise Empowers Women”--2010-06-18 10:32:26
*ILO hails UN proclamation of 2012 as International Year of Cooperatives--2010-01-05 11:07:39
*United Nations Declares 2012 International Year of Cooperatives--2010-01-05 11:05:39
*UN proclaims 2012 International Year of Co-operatives--2009-12-28 09:27:56
*Ministry of Agriculture: Three Criteria for Model Farmers’ Specialized Cooperatives--2009-11-03 13:38:54
*Consumer Price of Vegetable Goes Down by 20% Through the Direct Purchase of Supermarkets in Xi An--2009-11-03 13:30:38
*Land Deposit-loaning Cooperative in Village--2009-11-03 13:27:08
*Hai Nan: Only Organized Farmers Have Their Own Voice to Market--2009-11-03 13:24:42
*Dairy Cooperative of Fu Meng County Becomes the “Mother Home” of Dairy Farmers--2009-11-03 13:22:12
*Vice-prime Minister Hui Liangyu: Devote Great Efforts to Farmers’ Specialized Cooperatives--2009-10-10 14:30:30
*Foreign Banks Explore the Rural Finance in China--2009-10-10 14:29:43
*Strengthen the Cooperatives’ Function in Protection of Quality and Security of Raw Milk--2009-10-10 14:28:40
*Person of the Year of CHINA CO-OPERATIVE ECONOMY 2008--2009-10-10 14:26:57
*From Cooperative to Co-op Federation--2009-10-10 14:26:10

*Foreign Financed TV Banks Do Hide-and-seek Trick with Domestic Farmers--2009-10-10 14:25:17
*Chinese Sichuan pepper and Carrefour--2009-10-10 14:23:57
*Shaan Xi Province Issued A Document to Support the Development of Specialized Farmers Cooperatives--2009-10-10 14:22:41
*Driving global recovery through co-operatives--2009-04-02 10:23:34
*Promoting agriculture in times of hardship--2009-02-18 13:12:42
*China endeavors to set up modern rural financial system--2009-02-18 13:12:03
*CPC pledges to improve social welfare of rural residents--2009-02-18 13:10:55
*President Hu addressed three top concerns in field tour--2009-02-18 12:26:38
*Chinese dairies seek to restore consumers' faith after scandal--2009-02-18 12:24:27
*Farmers urged to join co-ops--2009-02-18 12:23:38
*Fiji co-operative (FCUL) became a new member of ICA--2008-10-04 08:26:56
*Chinese President Hu Jintao visits a cooperative in Henan Province--2008-09-26 17:49:23
*Confronting Climate Change through Co-operative Enterprise--2008-08-26 14:50:56

The Co-operatives in 2012


    The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2012 as the International Year of Cooperatives (IYC), highlighting the contribution of cooperatives to socio-economic development, in particular recognizing their impact on poverty reduction, employment generation and social integration.
Main Goals of the Year:
* Increase public awareness about cooperatives and their contributions to socio-economic development and the achievement of MDGs 
* Promote the formation and growth of cooperatives
* Encourage Governments to establish policies, laws and regulation conducive to the formation, growth and stability of cooperatives

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  1. INTERNATIONAL DAY OF COOPERATIVES 2011 Theme: "Youth, the future of co-operative enterprise"