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Monday, 30 July 2012

World Water Week 2012 in Stockholm

This year the World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden will address the theme "Water and Food Security". UN-Water will jointly organize and contribute to a series of seminars and events and also expects you throughout the week at the UN-Water Pavilion in the exhibition Hall B.

27 August Seminar | 15.45 to 18.45: The UN International Year and World Water Day 2013: Water Cooperation" The UN International Year 2013 and the World Water Day, 22 March 2013, will be devoted to the theme of Water Cooperation. The Seminar will officially launch and introduce the preparations for both, the Year and the Day, and will allow participants to exchange their views and perspectives on the essence of water cooperation. Seminar | 12.00 to 13.45: Tracking National Financial Flows to Sanitation, Hygiene and Drinking-water UN-Water GLAAS proposed a standard approach for tracking national financial flows for sanitation and drinking-water. It is proposed that this method be globally tested in 2012/13 and then used as the methodology to collect the GLAAS 2014 financial data. Participants will discuss how it could be further developed and adopted. Read more on GLASS

28 August Side event | 17.45 to 18.45: UN-Water project on the "Safe Use of Wastewater in Agriculture" Wastewater is a resource in urban and peri-urban areas which can alleviate pressure on (fresh) water sources and improve food security. To ensure that its use is safe, national policies and strategies need to be in place. This UN-Water capacity development project brings together expertise in UN agencies to focus on the issue.

30 August Seminar | 9.00 to 12.30: "Drinking Water, Sanitation and Hygiene – Preparing the Next Generation of Goals, Targets and Indicators" Current global monitoring of drinking-water and sanitation does not provide a detailed assessment of service coverage, nor covers hygiene. JMP and partners are developing post-2015 indicators taking into account the Human right to water and sanitation. The seminar will present first results and invite participants to contribute.

World Water Week in Stockholm, 26-31 August 2012

World Water Week in Stockholm
26-31 August 2012 - Stockholm, Sweden

2012-07-26 | See more while in Stockholm!
Explore World Water Week's field trips and excursions! Learn about how Stockholm havs applied technologies for wastewater reuse and treatment and strategies for sustainable city planning.
2012-07-24 | Looming conflicts on transboundary waters?
Conflict Resolution & Transboundary Water is one of the themes this year. Check out the seminars and side events exploring transboundary water issues.
2012-07-16 | Climate and Energy events at World Water Week
This year we continue the discussion on the connections between water and energy. Also, with natural climate variability and human induced climate change risk worsening, water related climate change remains strong on our agenda.
2012-07-16 | Ecosystems role to be discussed in a workshop
This workshop will discuss the impact of food production on water and ecosystems on the context of food security and how to address solutions for managing the trade-offs between human needs and healthy ecosystems.
2012-07-12 | World Water Week launches mobile website
The World Water Week now also has its own mobile website!
2012-07-10 | Land and Water Aqusition themed events
During the 2012 World Water Week in Stockholm, there are a number of Land and Water Aqusition themed events, to learn more, please click on the events below or use our interactive Event Finder.
2012-07-09 | Financial instruments for food security and water resource use
Are there creative financial tools to support poor people in their development and coping capacity following increased natural catastrophes?
2012-07-09 | Closing the Yield Gap Workshop
The workshop will address ways to increase water productivity and close yield gaps. How can soil and water management be improved?
2012-07-03 | Gender aspects on food security and water
Why women matter to the food security? At this year's week, there are a number of events covering gender aspects on food security and water.
2012-07-02 | Water efficiency in food supply chain
A more productive use of limited, highly demanded and unreliable water resources is necessary. In most debates, an increase in water productivity is associated with a more efficient supply chain. See this year's events on this issue.
2012-07-02 | The role of Blue Water workshop
By participating in this workshop you will discuss the actual, and potential, role of the blue water resources for food security.
2012-06-29 | Welcome new and longstanding sponsors!
The World Water Week in Stockholm is pleased to present the 2012 sponsors.

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