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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Report: Global Hydrological Monitoring Industry Trends

You are invited to read the new report: Global Hydrological Monitoring Industry Trends. Over 700 water professionals participated in the study. Get your complimentary copy today for an inside look at the current industry challenges, standards, strategies, and best practices.

Report: Global Hydrological Monitoring Industry Trends

Highlights - Networks are expected to grow by 53% more stations by 2022 - 40% of stations will have web enabled sensors, satellite, & telephone - 66% are implementing USGS standard operating procedures - 49% reported an increase in hydrologist salaries since 2002 - 83% reported an increase in the importance of data modeling - 46% expect to report daily means & unit values dynamically by 2022 - 28% use a commercial hydrological data management system

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