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Saturday, 28 September 2013

World Rivers Day, September 29

Join the Forum : 29 September is World Rivers Day.
Here are just some of the activities around the world planned for World Rivers Day, 2013.

A small sampling of events now planned for World Rivers Day 2013. Many more important events are coming up such as the 16th International River Symposium in Brisbane, Australia in the days leading up to World Rivers Day. This is being coordinated by the International River Foundation. Many additional events will be listed in future updates in the weeks ahead... please let us know of your plans.

We encourage you to take part in an event in your area (or plan your own), and we wish all the organizers around the world much luck in the success of their ambitious celebrations!

Iraq - Nature Iraq Foundation, together with Nature Iraq and Waterkeepers Iraq, plans to recreate a journey down the Tigris River, starting in southeastern Turkey and traveling through Iraq, using traditional boats and vessels in order to document and bring awareness to the myriad threats facing not only the timeless waters of the Tigris but also the unique cultural heritage of Mesopotamia. The event will start on September 15 and conclude around World Rivers Day. The project strives to connect conservation issues with daily life and enable people to take action. Contact - or Pete Nichols at Waterkeeper Alliance (212-747-0622).

Australia - World Rivers Day Events throughout Australia
Numerous World Rivers Day events are being planned in river catchments across Australia. In keeping with the original concept, International River Foundation is promoting World Rivers Day throughout its global network, and for the third year in a row, is developing an Australian focused campaign. They are also coordinating a major World Rivers Day photo contest. Email to learn more about how the IRF can help with World Rivers Day events for all regions of Australia.

Carinthia, Austria - Children’s River Event in Ferlach Parish
On September 27th, 72 children of the elementary school in Ferlach will spend the day learning and experiencing various interesting things about water in general and rivers in specific. There will be up to eight stations with different core water themes: power, painting, plants, quiz, circulation, taste, experiments and rescue. There will also be a river cleaning contest, where the children who find the most pieces of garbage can win prizes and a little money for their grade in school. The event will take place between 8:30 am and 1 pm. For more information, please contact Katharina Rohner,

New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada - RiverFest - a celebration of BC & World Rivers Day
Join us Friday, September 27 (4 to 9) and Saturday, September 28 (11 to 6). Inspired by the river, RiverFest will be presented free to the public and will consist of art exhibits, interactive activities from conservation organizations and community groups that build upon the river and environmental themes. Live music and entertainment will complete the weekend offerings for an exciting, family-friendly festival atmosphere. For more information, visit our website at:

Belize - World Rivers Day event in Belize
A World Rivers Day event will be coordinated in Belize in celebration of the country’s great rivers. Contact Kenrick Theus for details –

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada - World Rivers Day Gala Event at Burnaby Village Museum and Surrounding Site. Burnaby will celebrate World Rivers Day in a major way with a gala event at the Burnaby Village Museum, which is bisected by the beautiful Deer Lake Brook. There will be a large array of attractions for young and old – and, along with the many attractions and interpretive displays already on site, there will be live birds of prey, a children’s fishing pond, face painting, music, entertainment of various sorts, a special “living with coyotes” presentation, children’s activities, streamside habitat restoration demonstrations amongst many other fun things to do. Come enjoy a stroll through Burnaby’s marvellous past, a community that has long focused on the many waterways within its midst; its lakes, streams and the great Fraser River that it borders. Open from 11 to 4:30. Contact – Lynda Maeve at

Washington, DC, United States - Paddle for the Potomac
Waterkeeper Alliance SPLASH Paddle for the Potomac to benefit Potomac Riverkeeper. As part of the 2nd Annual Waterkeeper Alliance Splash Series, join us at Key Bridge Boathouse for an afternoon of on the water fun! The event will revolve around paddling in all of its forms, from canoeing, to kayaking, to stand-up paddleboarding. Come down for an informal paddling opportunity, to watch skill demonstrations, or take part in an organized activity led by a local outfitter or certified instructor. We will have food, music, and other on the land activities to enjoy also! Saturday, September 21st, 1 pm to 5 pm. Visit website for more information –

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada- Formal Opening and Celebration of the Restoration of Hastings Creek.
Vancouver will be having a major World Rivers Day event on Sept 30th at Vancouver’s Creekway Park from 10:30 to 12:30 celebrating the day-lighting and restoration of Hastings Creek, which was previously culverted and paved over more than 80 years. Stage one of this state-of-the-art stream restoration effort will be completed by late September and WRD Chair Mark Angelo, along with representatives from the Vancouver Park Board and Vancouver City Council will participate in the formal opening. Contact Michelle Larigakis,

Ohio, USA– The fabulous Maumee Bay River Festival takes place on World Rivers Day from 12 noon to 7 PM in downtown Toledo. The event includes great entertainment, river boat rides, riverside walks, educational activities and great fun for all ages. Contact – Sandy Bihn, Lake Erie Waterkeeper,

Penampang Sabah, Malaysia - Bamboo Rafting Festival
Community-Led Environmental Awareness for our River (CLEAR), a community based organisation, will be organising a BAMBOO RAFTING FESTIVAL to celebrate the World Rivers day in Penampang Sabah, Malaysia. Contact Winnie Jimis for more information:

Langley, British Columbia, Canada - BC Rivers Day Community Festival
Join the Langley Environmental Partners Society and the Township of Langley for the annual celebration of rivers on September 29th, 11 am to 2 pm! This year’s free family event at William’s Park, Langley, BC (238 St. south of 68 Ave.) offers interactive displays and activity booths. More information at: or 604.532.3511

Cradock, South Africa - Fish River Marathon
As river canoeists and enthusiasts who look for every opportunity to enjoy rivers while also being involved in cleaning/monitoring for pollution, etc., we celebrate these days. Our major annual River Racing event that is extremely popular in South Africa takes place in the Eastern Cape area of Cradock on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 September. Contact Jennie Dallas,, for more information.

US and International waterkeepers – The Waterkeeper Alliance is approaching all member organizations both nationally and internationally about their possible participation in World Rivers Day. Details on these events will be included in an upcoming September update. Contact – Sharon Khan at

Kilby to Mission, British Columbia, Canada - World Rivers Day Paddle on the Fraser River
In celebration of World Rivers Day, paddle down the Fraser River with Hope Mountain Centre and the company of professional guides and explore the most productive salmon habitat found anywhere in the world. A giant flotilla of canoes, kayaks, and paddle rafts will travel 20 kilometres from Kilby to Mission. Along the way, you’ll visit the gravel bars, side channels, islands, and riparian forests that make this part of the Fraser so important to fish and wildlife. For more information visit us at

Rivers across Europe - Uniworld River Tours in Europe
On the Rhine, the Danube, the Rhone, the Seine, and the Douro and other great rivers across Europe, there will be Rivers Day awareness events unfolding led by the Uniworld Cruise Line. Uniworld continues to play a leadership role in the promotion of World Rivers Day and will be making this a special day with onboard events highlighting our ongoing project, “sustainable river cruising” to preserve a most precious resource: water and the rivers. Contact Sonja Tischer, Director Program Services, GRC Global River Cruises GmbH, Tel: +41-61-638-96-86 / efax +41-61-638-96-97 / cell +49-15-222-6-999 02, email: /

New Jersey, USA – On the Woodbridge River, the New Jersey Baykeepers are planning a community day that involves kayaking and clean ups on Sat. Sept. 28. For more information, contact – Deborah A. Mans, NJ Baykeeper & Executive Director -

Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada - 5th Annual Kamloops World Rivers Day Shoreline Cleanup
World Rivers Day is a day to celebrate our rivers by increasing awareness of water related issues and promoting core values associated with sustainability, conservation and river stewardship. This event will help bring a greater awareness to the rivers that we use for drinking water, industry, agriculture, residential uses and recreation. As well, it will increase awareness with historical and cultural issues. Meet at Riverside Park, Sunday, September 29th, Noon to 5 PM. More information:

Abuja, Nigeria - Celebration of World Rivers Day in Nigeria
The Foundation for Conservation of Nigerian Rivers will be formally inaugurated to coincide with this year’s celebration of World Rivers Day. The new foundation wants to seize the opportunity to create awareness within Nigeria of the need to protect and restore the country’s rivers. Contact Analiefo A. Nzegwu for more information –

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada - Paddle Event at the Yellowknife River
Paddlers for Parts will once again host a one day event at the Yellowknife river bridge, Yellowknife NT. Being fairly cool here by that time we usually have a few boats to paddle and big fire with goodies to eat at the end. Contact Greg Loftus at for more information.

Port Harcourt, Nigeria - Celebrating 2013 World Rivers Day in Nigeria
Under the River Ethiope Trust Foundation, founded in 1992 to protect River Ethiope, Dafe Irikefe will organise a River Conservation Essay Competition among secondary schools along River Ethiope to raise awareness among youth. In Abuja, Nigeria Dafe will also be inaugurating a new organization known as Foundation for Conservation of Nigerian Rivers to mark World Rivers Day. An inaugural lecture titled Nigerian Transformation Agenda: Where is the Place of Rivers will be delivered during the occasion and a letter advocating for a law to be enacted to protect rivers in Nigeria will delivered to Nigerian parliament. Dafe Irikefe, CEO and Founder of the River Ethiope Foundation is communicating with key stakeholders in Nigeria seeking their partnership and support for the upcoming World Rivers Day. Email:

Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada - 20th Annual Ridge Meadows Rivers Day
Free, family-friendly event on September 29th, 11 am to 3 pm. We are going to have a great line up of entertainment, exciting environmental exhibits, BBQ lunch, carnival games, face-painting, storytelling and trout-fishing pond! Musical entertainment by Two Tall Women, Tusket, and Gord & Trish.
Location: Allco Fish Hatchery/Allco Park, 24959 Alouette Road, Maple Ridge
For more information, please go to: or contact (604) 467 6401

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - Tod Creek Watershed Rivers Day Celebration
Educational, family-oriented activities with a focus on the transformation of Tod Creek into a functioning habitat clear of invasive plants and animals. Time: 1 pm – 3 pm. Snacks and drinks provided. Contact Jillian Stewart for more information –

Bangladesh and South Asia. – The Riverine People ( will be participating in World Rivers Day for the 4th consecutive year and is also working with others across South Asia to do the same. Most importantly along with some of the groups and organization we are trying to build a consensus to observe the day in a common theme for South Asia; that is Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nepal. The Riverine People will also be publishing an edition of the quarterly Bangla journal dedicated to river issue, entitled 'Nadee'. World Rivers Day Chair Mark Angelo was interviewed for this issue. Contact –

Iran – The Iran Mountain Watch Group will participate in World Rivers Day for the first time and will be working to draw the attention of other NGO's to this event. Contact is Abbas Mohammadi, Mountain Watch Group –

England – The organization, Thames21, will be organizing the “Cleaner Thames Challenge” from Sep 19 – 22 in the run-up to World Rivers Day. This event will focus on the on-going effort to clean up one the world’s iconic rivers. Contact –

Many other events are in the planning stages from ranging from events in India focusing on the Yamuna and Ganges (contact - Gopi Duttaakash) to events in Peru focusing on that country’s great rovers and the threats confronting them (contact Hector Flores - . These and other events will be profiled in future updates.

° To Learn more about these incredible rivers… check out this link to an article from National Geographic

° To see beautiful photos of these protected rivers… check out this link to Michael Melford’s Photos

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