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Thursday, 24 October 2013

World Development Information Day 2013, 24 October

United Nations development efforts profoundly affect the lives and well-being of millions of people throughout the world. They are based on the conviction that lasting international peace and security are possible only if the economic prosperity and the well-being of people everywhere is assured.

The General Assembly in 1972 instituted World Development Information Day to draw the attention of world public opinion to development problems and the need to strengthen international cooperation to solve them (resolution 3038 (XXVII)).  The Assembly decided that the date for the Day should coincide in principle with United Nations Day, 24 October, which was also the date of the adoption, in 1970, of the International Development Strategy for the Second United Nations Development Decade.
 The Assembly felt that improving the dissemination of information and the mobilization of public opinion, particularly among young people, would lead to greater awareness of the problems of development, thus, promoting efforts in the sphere of international cooperation for development.

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General Assembly resolutions designating UN Development Decades

  • Fourth UN Development Decade (1991-2000) (A/RES/45/199, 21 December 1990)
  • Third UN Development Decade (1981-1990) (A/RES/35/56, 5 December 1980)
  • Second UN Development Decade (1971-1980) (A/RES/2626 (XXV), 24 October 1970)
  • First UN Development Decade (1960-1970) (A/RES/1710 (XVI), 19 December 1961)

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