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Friday, 24 January 2014

2014 as International Year of Small Island Developing State

2014 has been designated by the UNGA as the "International Year of Small Island Developing States". In order to capitalize on the publicity leading up to the international conference, the immediate goal is to possibly launch the International Year of SIDS shortly after the forthcoming GA general debate and before the start of the Second Committee's work year. This will be followed by series of events and activities at local, national, regional and global levels, throughout the year in the lead up to the Samoa Conference. The International Year of SIDS is unprecedented as an international year that focuses specifically on a group of member States. This is giving an opportunity to create a new, more dynamic and successful International Year.

Purpose of the International Year:

The resolution "encourages all Member States, the United Nations system and all other stakeholders to take advantage of the Year to promote actions at all levels, in/cluding through international, regional and subregional cooperation, as appropriate, aimed at the achievement of sustainable development of small island developing States."

The following ideas are being proposed as the objectives of the International Year:
i) Build momentum towards the SIDS 2014 Global Conference
ii) Mobilize international interest and support for sustainable development in SIDS countries
iii) Highlight the achievement and resiliency of SIDS efforts in overcoming their unique development challenges that they continue to face
iv) Celebrate the rich cultural heritage of SIDS and the contributions SIDS collectively bring and can bring to the global community.

Suggested Topics for Discussion
- How can the International Year for SIDS build momentum for the SIDS 2014 Conference?
- How can various SIDS stakeholders and development partners be mobilized for this purpose?
- How can SIDS Heritage-their importance and uniqueness-be celebrated and emphasized to raise global awareness throughout the year?

 The priority areas

° climate change and sea- level rise
° natural and environmental disasters
° management of wastes
° coastal and marine resources
° freshwater resources
° land resources
° energy resources
° tourism resources
° biodiversity resources
° national institutions and administrative capacity
° regional institutions and technical cooperation
° transport and communication
° science and technology
° human resource development


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