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Friday, 20 March 2015

International Day of Forests 2015, 21 March.

 Тема Дня 2015 году «Леса и изменение климата»
 The theme 2015 “Forests and Climate Change”
 El tema de 2015 «Los bosques y el cambio climático»
 Theme 2015 : « Les Forêts et les changements climatiques »
 موضوع عام 2015: الغابات وتغير المناخ

The International Day of Forests is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of all types of forests and trees outside forests.  Some 1.6 billion people -- including more than 2,000 indigenous cultures -- depend on forests for food, fuel, shelter and income.  Three quarters of freshwater comes from forested catchments.  Forests prevent landslides and erosion and – in the case of mangrove forests -- reduce loss of life and damage caused by tsunamis.
For these reasons, and more, forests are integral to the post-2015 development agenda.  Among their most important functions is their role in building climate-resilient societies.  That is why, in this year of action for sustainable development, climate change is the theme for the International Day of Forests.
Sustaining healthy forests and mitigating and adapting to climate change are two sides of the same coin.  Forests are the largest storehouses of carbon after oceans.  The carbon they store in their biomass, soils and products is equivalent to about 10 per cent of carbon emissions projected for the first half of this century.  At the same time, deforestation and land-use changes account for 17 per cent of human-generated carbon dioxide emissions.
Forests are on the front lines of climate change.  These ecosystems, rich with biodiversity, are increasingly vulnerable to changes in weather, temperature and rainfall patterns.  It is essential, therefore, that we work to preserve and sustainably manage our forests.
Despite the ecological, economic and social value of forests, global deforestation continues at an alarming rate – some 13 million hectares of forest are destroyed annually.  This is not sustainable for people or the planet.  However, there are some encouraging signs.  In the past decade, the rate of global deforestation has decreased by almost 20 per cent, which indicates that solutions exist to reverse this destructive trend.
To build a sustainable, climate-resilient future for all, we must invest in our world's forests.  That will take political commitment at the highest levels, smart policies, effective law enforcement, innovative partnerships and funding.  On this International Day of Forests, let us commit to reducing deforestation, sustaining healthy forests and creating a climate-resilient future for all.
Ban Ki-moon

United Nations Forum on Forests

Events : 
Activities expected to take place on the 2015 International Day include a special event at United Nations Headquarters, tree-planting and other community-level events, and national celebrations including art, photo and film as well as social media.

A special event for the International Day of Forests, entitled “International Day of Forests: Create a Climate Smart Future” will be held on 20 March 2015 at United Nations Headquarters in New York from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Chamber.
The event will be webcast live.
You can get involved by creating your own International Forest Day exhibit on the lead up to the Day by using the design material available and by using the hashtag #IntlForestDay on social media.

More information on the Day is available at the UN Forum on Forests.

FAO's International Day of forests 2015

International Day of Forests events around the world

6 March 2015 - Iran (Islamic Republic of), Forest Park of Sohanak, Tehran

Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, Del. Baja California, el departamento de Promotoría Forestal y Programa de Cultura Forestal de la Comisión Nacional Forestal, Baja California
17 March 2015 - Mexico, Baja California

Grupo de Acción Forestal de la Universidad de Talca
17 March 2015 - Chile, University of Talca

International Day of Forests, Algeria
Association of Life, Environment and Tourism
19 March 2015 - 21 March 2015
African Union
20 March 2015 - Ethiopia, African Union Commission headquarters

20 March 2015 - United States of America, UN headquarters, New York
FAO []
20 March 2015 - Italy, FAO headquarters, Rome
Miscellaneous documents: Programme

UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section
20 March 2015
Switzerland, Palais des Nations, Geneva

International Day of Forests student debate, Bangkok
20 March 2015 - Thailand, Bangkok
Miscellaneous documents: Brochure

International Day of Forests symposium, Seoul
Korea Forest Service and Korean Forest Society []
20 March 2015 - Republic of Korea, Seoul, Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Hug a tree, Republic of Korea
 Korea Forest Service []
21 March 2015 - Republic of Korea, Korea National Arboretum, Pocheon

Office français de la Fondation pour l'Education à l'Environnement en Europe
21 March 2015 - France

Giornata Internazionale delle Foreste, Italy
La Riserva Naturale Regionale Orientata Bosco delle Pianelle []
21 March 2015 - 22 March 2015
Italy, Martina Franca
Miscellaneous documents:Calendario
Kids-to-Forests field excursion, Thailand
21 March 2015 - 22 March 2015
Thailand, Kanchanaburi

Regional Agency for Services to Agriculture and Forests of Lombardy, Italy
21 March 2015 - 21 May 2015 - Italy

International Day of Forests, Malaysia
Forest Research Institute Malaysia []
28 March 2015 - Malaysia, Kepong Botanic Gardens, Kepong
Miscellaneous documents: Poster

Little Hands Go Green
22 April 2015 - Uganda, Kampala

Documents : 

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