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Friday, 1 May 2015

World Intellectual Property Day 2015, April 26

World Intellectual Property Day - April 26
Theme 2015 : Get up, stand up. For music.


 2015 г. – Поднимайся, вставай! За музыку!

 Journée mondiale de la Propriété Intellectuelle, 25 Avril.
 Thème 2015 - Tous pour la musique!

ليوم العالمي للملكية الفكرية 
-2015  انهض وقاوم. من أجل

 WIPO Director General Francis Gurry speaks on the importance of a fair deal for musicians, creators and performers in the digital economy.

Music is part of an extraordinary revolution that is taking place around us, a revolution that is fundamentally changing the way creative works are produced, distributed and consumed.
Thanks to digital technology and the Internet, we now have access to more music than ever before. The Internet has created a global marketplace and global stage for music. That is a wonderful thing for music lovers all over the world.
We need to ensure that we do not lose sight of creators and performers in the new digital economy. Is their role given sufficient value in these new systems? This is an essential question. It is essential for a vibrant culture that creators, composers, songwriters and performers are able to enjoy a decent economic existence through deriving economic value from their music. Without them, we don't have music.
Enormous artistic, personal, social and economic effort goes into the creation and the performance of music. We must find a way of ensuring its sustainability in the economy. My message for World Intellectual Property Day is – do not take music for granted; value it.
Today is a day to "get up, stand up, for music" – to ensure that our musicians get a fair deal, and that we value their creativity and their unique contribution to our lives.
 WIPO Director General Francis Gurry

Today is a day to “get up, stand up, for music” – to
ensure that our musicians get a fair deal, and that
we value their creativity and their unique contribution
to our lives.

ForumWorld Intellectual Property Day - April 26
 Invitation and program for the roundtable discussion "Get Up, Stand Up: What's Ahead for Music"

Activities :  IP Day 2015 film festival, Cinémas du Grütli, Geneva, April 23–26 (free entrance)

Exhibits : "It's always rock and roll" : An exhibition at WIPO featuring 40 photographs of iconic rock stars by photojournalist Janet Macoska (Geneva, April 14–30)

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Get up and Stand up for  Music - World Intellectual Property Day 2015

 Resources : 

 WIPO Convention 
 The WIPO Convention came into force in 1970 – as World IP Day with the aim of increasing general understanding of IP.

Intellectual property rights shape and underpin the myriad commercial deals that take place within the music industry every day. Find out how.

Music and the movies
Interview with Randall Poster, who has supervised the music for over 100 films, including The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Wolf of Wall Street and Skyfall.

Cary Sherman, CEO of the Recording Industry Association of American, shares his passion for music in his message for World IP Day.

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