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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

International Volunteer Day (IVD) 2015, December 5th.

  Тема 2015: Мир меняется. Ты? Волонтер!
主題2015:世界正在發生變化你是? 志願者!
Theme 2015 : The world is changing. Are you? Volunteer!
 Thème 2015: Le monde est en train de changer. Es-tu? Bénévole!
 Tema de 2015: El mundo está cambiando. ¿Eres tú? ¡Voluntario!
موضوع عام 2015: إن العالم يتغير. هل انت؟ تطوع!

Recognizing the individuals who are engaged in volunteering their time, energies, and skills to change the world for a better future.

"The world is changing. Are you? Volunteer!

On this day we celebrate the power of volunteerism. Volunteering fosters creativity, draws strength from our passions and connects us to those who need us most.

Volunteerism is a global phenomenon that transcends boundaries, religions and cultural divides. Volunteers embody the fundamental values of commitment, inclusiveness, civic engagement and a sense of solidarity.

During the Ebola crisis in West Africa, community volunteers, international volunteers and United Nations Volunteers were crucial to the response. A similar spirit of volunteerism and solidarity has been on display in addressing the current refugee crisis and this year’s devastating earthquake in Nepal.

The newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals offer another opportunity for individuals to show solidarity through volunteerism. All of us can contribute to realizing the 2030 Agenda’s vision of ending poverty.

Today, on International Volunteer Day, I thank the more than 6,300 United Nations Volunteers and 11,000 United Nations Online Volunteers who help millions of people to make sustainable change and peace happen. I also commend and salute the one billion community volunteers worldwide.

As we mark International Volunteer Day, let us strive to make the most of the power of volunteerism to build a more sustainable world and a life of dignity for all.

Ban Ki-moon
United Nations Secratary-General

 Statement  by Richard Dictus, Executive Coordinator United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme on the occasion of the International Volunteer Day (IVD), 5 December 2015.

This year’s International Volunteer Day (IVD)  theme,  "The world is changing. Are you? Volunteer!"  is challenging each and every one of us to be part of implementing the newly launched Gl obal Goals.  The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a plan of action for ending poverty in all its  dimensions, irreversibly, everywhere. Volunteerism, and each one of your volunteer actions, are critical  to ensure we “leave no one behind” in this ef fort. When people volunteer their time, skills and energy, they are addressing inequality, innovating, and working with a broad  range of partners to accomplish the Global Goals. Through volunteerism we bring people into the implementation  process; voluntee rs create spaces for people to engage, acquire voice and contribute to saving the planet and  humankind. An example of the power of volunteerism in engaging communities can be seen in the tackling of tuberculosis after the  Aral Sea disaster in Uzbekistan. Action started with UN Volunteers meeting with local people to discuss the symptoms of  the dis ease and treatments. Five years on, and as a result of this grassroots engagement, the UN joint programme has  1,730 dedicated community health volunteers, 86 per cent of whom are women, who are not only reaching 32,000  households but also empowering the co mmunity to hold the future in their hands. The contribution of volunteers in the new development agenda is two - fold. Volunteerism is a way for us all to be directly  involved in achieving sustainable development and peace. At the same time, this essential way of fostering people’s  participation makes it a key element for success when striving for sustainability of development. Volunteer organizations  can be brokers of  civic engagement, connecting institutional initiatives with volunteer action at loc al, national and global  levels. An example of the impact of volunteerism is the Let Girls Be Girls campaign in Uganda. UN Volunteers have supported  the Ministry of Health a nd the UN on decreasing the rate of teen pregnancy through an awareness campaign on the need  for better education and health - care for girls. These volunteer efforts have led to community champions advocating for  girls staying in school longer and explainin g how this leads to improved lives for all. Through involving people in such a  development initiative real impact is seen through lasting changes in communities.  On IVD 2015, we commend volunteers everywhere who are already making a difference in a changi ng world, and  showing the power of volunteerism to move towards sustainable development.  Let us all harness the potential that  volunteering has to making global sustainable development a reality. It speaks to each of us to play a role, one volunteer  actio n at a time .  “The World is Changing. Are  you ? Volunteer”.

Richard Dictus,
UNV Executive Coordinator
United Nations Volunteers

 Statement by Helen Clark, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) International Volunteer Day (IVD), 5 December 2015.

Every year on International Volunteer Day (IVD), we recognize the invaluable contributions of volunteers  to peace and development. This year, just two months after the launch of the new, universal  development agenda, we promote the special role which UN Vo lunteers and volunteers worldwide will  play in the implementation of the Susta inable Development Goals (SDGs) .  The SDGs will guide development for the next fifteen years, offering a chance to meet the global citizenry's aspirations for  a more peaceful and p rosperous, and sustainable future.  The SDGs are universal goals, applying to countries at all stages of development. This makes the point that sustainable  development in the 21st century isn't something which happens to somebody else, somewhere else. We all have a stake  in it  -- and every c ountry has work to do to progress towards it. The design of these goals was influenced by people from all walks of life, including through their votes in the  MY World survey on priorities for the new development agenda. This campaign incorporated more than 8.5 million people’s voices  from 194 countries, and engagement was made possible by community volunteer efforts. UN Volunteers reached out to  vulnerable groups in India, marginalized people living in camps in Haiti, hearing - impaired youth in Rwanda, and  c ommunities in Bangladesh, Cote d’Ivoire, DRC, Kazakhstan, the P hilippines, Sudan, and beyond.  Now, as we seek ways for the new agenda to take root, volunteerism can be a help in the implementation of these new  goals by reaching those who are marginalized and engaging people who may otherwise not have a chance to make a  difference in their communities.  In this way volunteers can embody the underlying principle of the  goals  to leave no one  behind.   UNV has a strong track record of getting development re sults. In Kenya, UNV supported a neighborhood volunteer  scheme to help ensure peaceful elections.  In India, UN Volunteers set up a programme fo r children with special needs.  Today, on International Volunteer Day 2015, I want to thank all the volunteers  who contributed to shaping the new  development agenda, and to encourage you to continue to provide inspiration for the change the world needs. I also  recognize the tremendous impact UN Volunteers are making within the UN system. In implementing the SDGs, U NDP will  continue to see volunteers as catalysts for change who amplify citizens’ voices and facilitate participation so that  development can be truly people - centred.

Helen Clark
UNDP Adminstrator
United Nations Development Programme.

Your world need you.Will you take the challenge, volunteer.

I am part of the change. Are you? volunteer!

Your world is changing. Are you? Volunteer!

FORUM : 5 de Diciembre - Día Internacional del Voluntariado

IVD 2015 starts a dialogue about how volunteerism is vital to the success of #GlobalGoals

EVENTS Examples of International Volunteer Day Events Happening Around the Globe on 5 December.

 ° Global selfie campaign: People around the world are invited to take selfies of themselves volunteering on  5  December and share them on social media platforms with descriptions of how they are making a difference,  using the  hashtags # IVD2015selfie ,  #actioncounts , and  #GlobalGoals . The website  www. volunteeractioncounts .org offers templates for the selfies. UN Volunteers will feature all of the selfies on  an interact ive map of the worldwide volunteer community at , which will  grow as we gather pictures from around the globe.

° In Paragominas,  Brazil , 2,300 people will participate in a group hug as a symbol of their commitment to  catalyzing  positive change in the world. Paragominas has become the first green municipality in the Amazon.
° In  Guinea , volunteers will organize sports and cultural activities, grants, and training programs for Ebola  orphans.
 ° In Makueni County,  Kenya , volunteers  will plant over 500 trees and 30 community ambassadors will be  introduced. The ambassadors will help improve their communities as part of a pilot program called Lead the  Change, which aims to build a national volunteer campaign platform for mobilizing comm unity change  makers across Kenya to achieve the Sustainable Development G oals and Kenya's Vision 2030.
°  In  Ethiopia ,  volunteers plan to send more than 75,000 SMS messages to spread the word about the  importance of volunteerism.
° In the Pata Rat area of Cluj,  Romania , volunteers will organize workshops and games educating young people  about proper dental care and mental health in a community of Roma people living in the city’s former  garbage dump.
°  In Toronto,  Canada , award winni ng author and Crossroads International Volunteer Lawrence Hill will  celebrate the spirit of volunteerism by reading from his new novel The Illegal. A sho rt book singing will follow.
°  In  Tbilisi ,  Georgia , five organizations  - an elderly care center, a day center for children with disabilities, a center  for street children, a homeless shelter, and an animal shelter  - will open their doors for youth volunteers to  spend the day giving back to the community.  
°  In Moscow,  Russia , the Center of Curative Pedagogi cs will host an event at which volunteers will cook  jam with young people who have special needs and then sell their products at a fair on 6 December in  order to raise awareness about the necessity of volunteerism and the importance of volunteers in the  li ves of you ng adults with special needs.
°  In Guatemala City,  Guatemala , volunteers and their families will celebrate International Volunteer Day  with games and music in Erick Barrondo Park, to voice their support for the achievement of the  Sustainable Deve lopment Goals.
°  In  Nepal , UN Volunteers has launched  Faces of Volunteerism , an online contest asking volunteers to  submit their photos and stories of making a difference. Winners will be invited to a celebration on  International Volunteer Day


2015 State of the World's Volunteerism Report – Transforming Governance

2015 State of the World's Volunteerism Report – Transforming Governance.

 Volunteering in this report is also understood as overlapping and converging with social activism; while it is recognized that  not all activists are volunteers, many activ - ists are volunteers and many volunteers are  activists. The terms volunteerism and social  activism are not mutually exclusive. The idea  that volunteers only serve to support service  delivery or are only involved in charitable ac - tivities is one that is limited and provides a  superficial line of difference between volunteerism and activism.

 Plan of Action 2016-2030 for integrating volunteering

   At the upcoming seventieth session of the UN General Assembly, the Secretary-General will report to Member States on progress on volunteerism since 2012, and present a proposed Plan of Action for the next decade and beyond (2016-2030).  The Plan of Action aims at integrating volunteering in peace and development policies and programmes through a strategic and collective long-term approach that matches the period of SDG implementation. It provides a frame through which civil society, the UN and other stakeholders can support and leverage the potential of volunteerism worldwide.

United Nations Volunteers Strategic Framework 2014-2017.

UNV Strategic Framework 2014-2017
 In this regard, the Post-2015 agenda  offers an explicit opportunity to help anchor  volunteerism,  and the values it stands for, to the  future global framework as it recognize the fact  that development actions are more effective and  sustainable when people are fully and freely engaged. The contributions that people freely make in their  communities in terms of their knowledge, labour, time,  skills, networks and other resources must be properly  factored into policies, programmes and projects. Volunteering is a tried and tested way to engage  people from the bottom up in all stages of planning,  implementing and monitoring of a framework requiring  the efforts of all stakeholders to sustainably change  people’s practices, attitudes and mind-sets. As  global consensus evolves to reach convergence of  a new development agenda, volunteerism must be  increasingly recognized as a key complementary  mechanism to engage people in accountability  frameworks that demand a stronger and more direct  partnership between people and the state.

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