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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

International Human Solidarity Day 2015, December 20th.

Тема 2015 года «Всеобщий прогресс и процветание благодаря глобальной солидарности»
2015 Theme: Shared Progress & Prosperity based on global solidarity.
Tema del 2015: Prosperidad y progreso compartidos y basados en la solidaridad mundial.
Thème 2015 : « Progrès et prospérité partagés et fondés sur la solidarité mondiale »
موضوع 2015 — تقدم ورخاء مشتركين قائمين على التضامن العالمي

Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations Secretary-General's Message for the International Human Solidarity Day 2015.

By adopting the historic 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, world leaders expressed their resolve to seek shared progress and prosperity based on a spirit of global solidarity. The Paris Agreement on climate change marks another important milestone for our planet and all people.

These achievements were driven by two complementary goals:  to leave no one behind, and to build a life of dignity for all.  This spirit of global solidarity t must now inspire our collective response to other major challenges facing humankind.

This is especially true in addressing plight of the record number of people around the world forced from their homes and communities.  Far too many have fled violent extremists only to be victimized again by xenophobia, discrimination and abuse.  We must collectively challenge all those who stoke unfounded fears.  Helping the vulnerable elevates us all.

With diversity under verbal and violent attack in so many parts of the world, let us make the most of International Human Solidarity Day by reaffirming our common humanity, defending our shared values and creating a better future for all.

Ban Ki-moon
This Report starts with a fundamental question—how can work enhance human development? The Report takes a broad view of work, going beyond jobs and taking into account such activities as unpaid care work, voluntary work and creative work—all of which contribute to the richness of human lives.
Work for Human Development :  Human Development Report 2015 - UNDP

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