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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

World Humanitarian Day 2016, August 12.

世界人道主义日, 8月19日.
World Humanitarian Day. 19 August.
Día Mundial de la Asistencia Humanitaria, 19 de agosto.
Всемирный день гуманитарной помощи,19 августа.
Journée mondiale de l'aide humanitaire, 19 août.
اليوم العالمي للعمل الإنساني, 19 آب/أغسطس


2016 Theme: One Humanity.
Thème 2016 : Une Humanité.
Tema 2016: Una humanidad.
Тема 2016 года: Единое человечество.
 2016年主题: 同一人类.
موضوع 2016 هو "إنسانية واحدة"

A record 130 million people are dependent on humanitarian assistance to survive.  Grouped together, these people in need would comprise the tenth most populous nation on Earth.
These figures are truly staggering, yet they tell only a fraction of the story.  Hidden behind the statistics are individuals, families and communities whose lives have been devastated.  People no different to you and me: children, women and men who face impossible choices every day.  They are parents who must choose between buying food or medicine for their children; children who must choose between school or working to support their families; families who must risk bombing at home or a perilous escape by sea. 
The solutions to the crises that have plunged these people into such desperate hardship are neither simple nor quick.  But there are things we can all do – today, and every day.  We can show compassion, we can raise our voices against injustice, and we can work for change.
World Humanitarian Day is an annual reminder of the need to act to alleviate the suffering.  It is also an occasion to honour the humanitarian workers and volunteers toiling on the frontlines of crises.  I pay tribute to these dedicated women and men who brave danger to help others at far greater risk.
Today, I urge everyone to sign on to the United Nations “World You’d Rather” campaign.  As well as raising awareness and building empathy, the campaign has a concrete goal: to raise money for the UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund and to enrol the support of individuals everywhere as Messengers of Humanity.  We need everybody to demand that their societies and governments put humanity first. 
Earlier this year, 9,000 participants gathered in Istanbul for the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit.  World leaders committed to transform the lives of people living in conflict, disaster and acute vulnerability.  They rallied behind the Agenda for Humanity and its pledge to leave no one behind. 
This promise is also at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals.  With their focus on human rights, resilience and poverty eradication, these 17 global goals offer a 15-year plan to reduce needs and vulnerability and promote a world of peace, dignity and opportunity for all.  To succeed on this collective journey, we need everyone to play their part.  Each one of us can make a difference.  On this World Humanitarian Day, let us unite in the name of humanity and show that we cannot and will not leave any one behind.

Ban-Ki moon, United Nations Secretary General.

Forum : World Humanitarian Day- 19 August

Strengthening of the coordination of emergency humanitarian assistance of the United Nations.

World Humanitarian Day is a day dedicated to recognize humanitarian personnel and those who have lost their lives working for humanitarian causes.

What can you do?
WHD is a day for everyone to come together and take action for a safer and more humane world for the communities affected by crisis and the people who devote their lives to helping them. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Learn about the Agenda for Humanity and the five core responsibilities
  • Use the #sharehumanity hashtag to advocate for the Agenda for Humanity and the more than 130 million people affected by crisis
  • Attend or organize a WHD event on 19 August

What we do in Emergencies?

The UN and its humanitarian partners are currently responding to three 'L3' emergencies. This is the global humanitarian system's classification for the response to the most severe, large-scale humanitarian crises.  In addition, OCHA is coordinating the reponse to other critical emergencies.

YEMEN, Humanitarian  Aid Assistance
 Armed conflict has spread rapidly across Yemen since March 2015, with devastating consequences for civilians. Aid groups estimate that 4 in 5 Yemeni require some form of humanitarian protection or assistance. OCHA Yemen>>

Iraq, Humanitarian Aid Assistance

The surge in violence between armed groups and government forces has displaced an estimated 3.4 million people across Iraq and left millions of people in need of assistance. OCHA Iraq>>
Syrian, Humanitarian Aid Assistance
 13.5 million people, nearly half the population, are in need of humanitarian assistance. An estimated 6.6 million people have been displaced inside the country. OCHA Syria>>

Events :
Events will be held around the world on 19 August to honor the work of humanitarian workers and to celebrate the theme of ‘One Humanity’. In New York, a wreath-laying ceremony will take place at the United Nations headquarters, and a high-level event will be held in the General Assembly Hall.

Digital Campaign :
 In addition a digital campaign will be launched on the day to raise awareness of the impossible choices that people caught in crisis face.

The UN's Agenda for Humanity

The UN's Agenda for Humanity outlines the collective actions that we need to take to create a safer and more humane world.

 This World Humanitarian Day (19 August) support the Agenda for Humanity and ask world leaders to do the same:


Prevent and end conflicts - AGENDA FOR HUMANITY

Photo Exhibitions :
World Humanitarian Day will also feature photo exhibitions and film screenings documenting the lives of those affected by conflict and disaster.

For more information, please visit:

Humanitarian Aid Delivery by the World Food Programme

News : Commitments to support people affected by crisis and ensure that aid workers can safely and more effectively deliver to those in need. World Humanitarian Summit 2016
Human Security Strategic Plan 2014-2017.
UN Emergency Fund allocates US$50 Million to Neglected Aid Operations to Assist Two Million People in Dire Need
Africa: War On Climate Terror (II) - Fleeing Disasters, Escaping Drought, Migrating

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Publications : Global Humanitarian Overview 2016

"Donor support in the first half of 2016 has enabled us to deliver critical, life-saving relief. It is now incumbent on us to do substantially more to invest in the lives of millions of people bearing the brunt of crises around the globe. Their needs cannot wait."

— Stephen O'Brien
UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator

A consolidated appeal to support people affected by disaster and conflict.

For 2016, the humanitarian community needs $20.1 billion to provide aid for 87.6m people.

Emergency Response Plans



  •  Proclamation of the World Humanitarian Day
  •  Convention on the Safety of United Nations and Associated Personnel
  • Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
  • Delivering Humanitarian Aid
  • Humanitarian News and Analysis (IRIN)
  • Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC)
  • UN World Food Programme (WFP)
  • UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)
  • UN Children's Agency (UNICEF)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Remember the Fallen
  • Sergio Vieira de Mello Foundation

  • ReliefWeb Developing Four Mobile Apps

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