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Monday, 14 November 2011

November 10 - World Immunization Day

Globally $35 billion will be required for immunization in the next ten years to save an additional ten million lives.

The money will go towards reaching more children with basic vaccines, improving health care systems and introducing new vaccines such as those for pneumococcus, rotavirus, meningitis and Japanese encephalitis, a UNICEF and WHO report released here revealed.
World Immunization Day - November 10

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November 10 - World Immunization Day

To protect against infectious disease, your child needs various immunisations. To determine what type of Vaccines is required and when it needs to be administered enter the date of birth of your child and the immunisation scheduler will workout the required schedule for immunisation of your child.

Please remember to inform your child’s Pediatrician, if your child has any of the following, so that appropriate modifications to the schedule/vaccines used, may be made:

1. The child was born prematurely.

2. The child has an underlying chronic medical condition (heart, kidney, lung etc).

3. If the child has an underlying neurological condition.

4. If she is an adoptive child.

5. If there is a history of immune deficiency disorders in the child’s family.

6. If the child has had a reaction to a previous vaccination (persistent crying for 4 hours or more, difficulty in breathing, unusual body movements like a fit etc).

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