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Friday, 25 November 2011

The Durban Ceba Initiative

Durban CEBA

The eThekwini Municipality and the Wildlands Conservation Trust will be profiling a new community climate protection model, the Durban CEBA Initiative, at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP17/CMP7) to be held in Durban.

Community Ecosystem Based Adaptation

Africanising Adaptation The Durban CEBA Initiative is a partnership between the eThekwini Municipality and The Wildlands Conservation Trust aimed at uplifting local communities by creating ‘green’ jobs for the poor and unemployed, restoring the ecosystems that are important to the welfare of these communities and reducing our collective vulnerability to climate change.

Buy CEBA credits and make a difference Each CEBA credit that you buy will employ one local community member for a day, to undertake a range of climate protection work, such as invasive alien plant (IAP) clearing, ecosystem restoration or community recycling. This work is directed towards both reducing climate change impacts through carbon sequestration and emissions reductions, and in building resilience and adaptability to climate change in vulnerable communities.

So, by buying CEBA credits, you are contributing towards global climate protection, ecosystem restoration, job creation, climate change adaptation and building the green economy. You couldn’t ask for a more sound investment in offsetting your carbon and ecological footprints! Buy CEBA credits here

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