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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Get involved in the Green Economy!

World Environment Day 2012 logo

Celebrate World Environment Day 2012

And get involved in the Green Economy!
A Green Economy as an economic environment that achieves...

low carbon emissions, reduces pollution, uses natural resources efficiently and improves our well-being, whilst preventing the loss of biodiversity and ecosystems which provide numerous service we need to live for free.
Find out ten ways you can be part of a greener economy…
UNEP WED2012 Energy
1 - Energy
Our lifestyles demand energy but mainstream sources of oil, coal and gas are not sustainable and are harmful to our health and environment. You can help us build a Green Economy by being a model of energy efficiency and showing support for clean, sustainable energy sources in your home, business and local community...
  • Choose businesses & products which invest in clean, renewable energy
  • Invest in greener energy yourself - Find what type is suitable for you
  • Be more energy efficient - Find tips on how to save energy on our Energy Saving Tips webpage
  • Loan an electricity monitor kit from our libraries to find out where you can save energy. We currently have monitors available for residents to loan, and will shortly have kits for businesses and community groups to loan as well.

UNEP WED2012 Water2 - Water
Billions of people worldwide do not have access to clean drinking water. More of our rain is falling in heavy downpours and we will see more in winter, less in summer. Resource efficiency is key for a Green Economy and water is one of our most precious and important resources, so we need to use it wisely...

We can get more water wise today:
  • Turn off taps when you are not using them, to save 6 litres / min
  • Ensure you do full loads for laundry or dishwashing
  • Limit shower time; some powershowers use more water than baths!
  • Don't water your lawn after it has rained
Be Water Wise and find more ways to save water on our Water Saving Tips webpage
UNEP WED2012 buildings
3 - Buildings
Take charge of your buildings to help support a resource-efficient Green Economy
UNEP WED2012 transport

4 - Transport
When you choose alternative methods of travel, you support a Green Economy whilst reducing environmental impacts & often saving yourself money...
UNEP WED2012 waste5 - Waste
By reducing waste going to landfill, you are reducing greenhouse gas emissions, other environmental impact and supporting a resource-efficient Green Economy.

UNEP WED2012 Industry6 - Manufacturing & Industry
When you choose a sustainable product or business instead of a 'business-as-usual,' you send the message to industry & manufacturing that it's time to move towards a Green Economy
Be a wiser consumer & buy from businesses with
  • Sustainability plans
  • Investments in renewables
  • Eco-labels - some examples are:
Digital Rutland Web Logo
Supporting greener businesses & homes
Superfast broadband will be available from 2013 for our businesses & homes in Rutland, helping you to reduce your travel costs and increase your efficiency, whilst reducing our carbon emissions and other impacts of travel on our environment. Find out more at
UNEP WED2012 tourism7 - Tourism
You can help your destinations achieve economic growth without sacrificing environmental well-being and social well-being by supporting ecotourism.
  • Find out which businesses support ecotourism before you go
  • Buy local - Find out about local food producers and markets at the local tourism information office
  • Travel with others to save money and carbon on holiday
  • Limit water and energy use - Find tips on our webpages
  • Find out how you can limit your impact on sensitive habitats by observing any local requirements and advice, and by following the Countryside Code
  • Holiday at Home to save time and travel, as well as money and reducing your impact on our environment - Find out about activities available in Rutland at
UNEP WED2012 forestry8 - Forestry
By buying certified sustainable forest products, you help to support sustainable livelihoods and communities as well as a healthly ecosystems. When our forests are managed sustainably, we reduce our damage to the environment, our climate and our wildlife, by preventing unsustainable deforestation. Here are some tips to help protect our forests:
  • Use certified sustainable forest timber & paper products - Look for the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) logo or the PEFC logo on products
      FSC logo greenPEFC
  • Find out more at and
  • Use electronic files to reduce the need for paper for printing
  • Reuse & recycle - See our tips above on managing your waste more sustainably
UNEP WED2012 agriculture
9 - Agriculture
Send a message of your support for a Green Economy to producers by buying local, organic, and sustainable food products. Here are a few ways you can reduce the impact of your daily or weekly shop:
UNEP WED2012 Fisheries10 - Fisheries
Overfishing threatens to deplete our future fish stocks & has impacts on other sea life. We can avoid this by choosing sustainably harvested seafood, sending a message of your support of a Green Economy to producers.

Buy sustainably harvested seafood with the Marine Marine Stewardship Council logo
Stewardship Council label and find sustainable products & suppliers at

World Environment Day 2012 logoFind out more about World Environment Day, events and activities taking place in the UK and around the world and the Green Economy at

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