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Friday, 7 December 2012

7th December, International Civil Aviation Day 2012 “Aviation: Your reliable connection to the world”.

The Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA) celebrates it 8th anniversary on 1st December 2012 and International Civil Aviation Day on 7th December. This year’s observance of International Civil Aviation Day will be held under the theme “Aviation: Your reliable connection to the world”.
With the advances made in international civil aviation in recent years, air travel continues to be the preferred and most reliable mode of transportation for connecting persons across the world.
The ECCAA as the civil aviation regulatory authority for the OECS region engenders this year’s International Civil Aviation Day theme through its core mandate to provide safe and secure skies in the OECS Member States through the following activities.
  • Technical support of CNS and security screening equipment;
  • Ensuring compliance in civil aviation safety and security through audits, inspections, surveys and tests;
  • Issuance of safety circulars;
  • Flight inspections and verification of navigation, surveillance and visual aids;
  • Ensuring adherence to civil aviation legislation and regulations;
  • Relationship with ICAO and other international civil aviation authorities and agencies;
  • Accident and incident investigations;
  • Sourcing and facilitation of aviation related training;
  • Provision of civil aviation technical advice to OECS Member States;
  • Personnel licensing: pilots, aeronautical engineers, air traffic controllers and others;
  • Certification - airports, aircraft, air operators, aircraft maintenance organizations aeronautical engineers and ancillary services;
  • As we commemorate another ECCAA anniversary and another International Civil Aviation Day, we take this opportunity to express our appreciation to all civil aviation entities in the sub-region -  service providers, the personnel involved in the various air transport related activities for their collaborative efforts in ensuring safety and security in operations and to the travelling public and other beneficiaries of air transportation, for their support and adherence to the rules all of which contributed to the maintenance and enhancement of safe, secure and comfortable air travel in the region.
The ECCAA will continue to fulfill its mandate in ensuring that the development of civil aviation particularly air transportation within the OECS continues with due regard for safety, security, rule of law and the environment so as to enhance and facilitate your reliable connection to the world.

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