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Monday, 24 December 2012

International Human Solidarity Day 2012

International Human Solidarity Day is

  • a day to celebrate our unity in diversity;
  • a day to remind governments to respect their commitments to international agreements;
  • a day to raise public awareness of the importance of solidarity;
  • a day to encourage debate on the ways to promote solidarity for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals including poverty eradication;
  • a day of action to encourage new initiatives for poverty eradication.


United Nations Secretary-General's Message for 2012

This year’s observance of International Human Solidarity Day comes during a period of dramatic transition.  People across the world are demanding greater political freedom, accountability and equality.  Global interdependence is deepening along economic, social, and environmental dimensions.  In light of these realities, how can we best shape solutions for a more secure, sustainable and prosperous future?
Solidarity is crucial to solving problems in our interconnected world.  We witnessed an important act of solidarity at this year’s United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20).  Governments, civil society and private sector leaders came together and agreed to promote an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable future.
We can reach our shared goals if people are able to participate in the formulation and implementation of plans, policies and programmes to shape our common future. Commitments without empowerment are words without meaning.
Despite progress in achieving the Millennium Development Goals, we must intensify our efforts before the target date of 2015.  We are also laying the groundwork for the post-2015 agenda.  The process aims to be participatory, seeking the views of development experts and ordinary citizens around the world.
On International Human Solidarity Day I call on all citizens of the world to help us advance solidarity as a global family – and reach our shared goals.

Ban Ki-moon

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