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Thursday, 14 March 2013

"Help keep our water clean for generations to come."

What can you do?

  • Find out more about water cooperation!
  • Organize events that help to communicate the key messages of the campaign (e.g. a conference, an exhibition or a workshop on water cooperation in your community) using our advocacy guide (pdf).
  • Promote the International Year of Water Cooperation and World Water Day: use the logo and other campaign materials.
  • Organize an activity that contributes to achieving the objectives of the campaign (e.g. training, development of research material, production of research work).
  • Share your success stories or case studies on water cooperation on the Year’s official website.
  • And above all, be innovative and share your own ideas!

Youth and Kids, Print Your Water Cooperation T-Shirts


 1 Click on the link of the t-shirt template you wish to print. The template will open in a
new window as an Adobe PDF.
2 Print out the image onto transfer paper (following the printing instructions given with
the transfer paper you purchased; remember that this image has already been

3 Once the image is printed on transfer paper, cut off excess part of transfer paper,
around the image, if desired. Any white part of transfer paper that is left around the
image will transfer to your shirt or other cloth you are using for the iron-on transfer.

4 Heat your iron according to the instructions for your transfer paper.

5 Place the printed iron-on transfer on your shirt or other article of clothing/cloth onto
which you are transferring the image. Be sure to follow the instructions provided with
your transfer paper for this procedure.

6 Iron as instructed by the directions given with your transfer paper. Do not over-iron, or
use your iron on a hotter setting than the directions call for.

7 Follow the instructions given with transfer paper to allow the shirt/clothing to cool and
when and how to peel off transfer paper backing. Follow all other instructions that
come with your transfer paper for handling and washing.

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