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Monday, 4 March 2013

Opening of the 57th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

- Opening of the session
- Election of officers (Item 1)
- Adoption of the agenda and other organizational matters (Item 2)
- Introduction of documents (Item 3 as a whole)
- General discussion (Item 3)

Review of the implementation of the BPfA and the outcome of the 23rd special session of the GA - sharing of experiences and good practices on implementation of the Platform for Action, with a view to overcoming remaining obstacles and new challenges.

Ms. Michelle Bachelet, UN Women Executive Director, Press Conference
4 Mar 2013 - Ms. Michelle Bachelet, UN Women Executive Director, on the 57th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women, which runs from 4th to 15th March.

Violence Against Women: Our Concern, Our Response, Side Event at the 57th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women

Violence against women is one of the most flagrant violations of human rights; an issue which concerns all countries in the world. It touches women from all walks of life, irrespective of cultural, religious, economic, social or geographical backgrounds.
It happens everywhere: in the “safety” of their own homes, at work, in the streets and in the media among others. Every day, women are stalked, harassed, raped, mutilated, forced by their family to enter into a marriage, sterilised against their will or psychologically and physically abused. The examples of violence against women are endless, its victims countless.
Many women are too afraid or ashamed to seek help, often paying for their silence with their lives. Those that do speak out are not always heard. With the adoption of the Istanbul Convention in 2011, the 47 member states of the Council of Europe made an important step towards the recognition of their responsibilities in addressing this concern.
The Side Event will presents the added value of the Istanbul Convention in the framework of international and regional legally binding treaties. It also highlights its significance as an efficient and practical tool for governments to prevent and combat violence against women and domestic violence in Europe and beyond.


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