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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Day of the Seafarer 2015, June 25

Международный день моряка, 25 июня.
International Day of the Seafarer, June 25.
 Journée internationale des gens de mer, 25 juin.
 Día Internacional de la Gente de Mar, 25 de junio.
年海 员日, 6月25 日.
اليوم العالمي للالبحارة، 25 يونيو

 Message from the United Nations Secretary-General, Mr Ban Ki-moon on the International Day of the Seafarer 2015.

 Since the dawn of history mankind has gone to sea, and today  s eafaring  remains  one of the  world’s  most important professions. About 1.5 million seafarers provide the labour force  that literally keeps the global economy moving  – and we all  benefit from that, whether rich or poor, north or south. But as the  global population grows, so does the demand for  shipping;  an d there are fears that, in the future, there may be a  shortage of seafarers. This is a concern not just for shipping,  but for all of us who rely on seafarers.

On June 25 each year, we celebrate the international Day of the  Seafarer.  A campaign, driven by the International Maritime  Organization, uses the day to draw attention  to  the profession  and the benefits seafarers bring to mankind. This year the focus  is on energising and inspiring a new generation of younger  people to take up se afaring as a career. Seafaring can provide young generations with unique  opportunities .

Not only can they secure decent work and earn a  good living to provide for their families, they can also gain  access to a world of life - enriching travel and experience s that  very few can dream of. Imagine  sailing the world’s oceans,  seeing the northern lights,  experiencing  arctic snow or a tropical  storm for the first time  – and  meeting people from all over the  world while doing so. Then, when his or her sea - going days are over, the seafarer  can draw on skills and  technical expertise acquired in running  today’s modern, high - tech vessels that make them very well  qualified for a rewarding future in many shore - based industries. Seafaring is a particularly attractive option for people in  developing countries. 

But  y oung people need to be engaged  and enthused if they are to see and understand these  opportunities.  And t his is what the 2015 Day of the Seafarer  campaign aims to do. So please, if you are  a  young person seeing this message,  wherever you are, I urge you to consider seafaring as a career;  if you already understand the value of seafaring or are part of  the maritime sector yourself, please share your  passion about  the mariti me world with others, particularly young people , on  this special day . 

And if you are a serving seafarer, today we  salute you, we thank you and we want you to know we  appreciate very much the essential and vital work that you do.

 Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary - General

Message from the IMO Secretary-General on the International Day of the Seafarer 2015.

I am speaking to you today from the  Seamen's Center at Intramuros, Manila , operated by the  Associated Marine Officers and Seamen's Union of the Philippines , which is the world’s  leading supplier of manpower to the global maritime industry. Every year, on 25 June, we celebrate the international Day of the Seafarer. This year, I want  to speak about how fulfilling and rewarding a  seafaring  career  can be; and I particularly want  to address this mess age to young people, who may now be actively considering the options  open to them.

Seafaring can provide not only an opportunity to earn money to live and provide for  your families, it also offers unique opportunities to navigate the seas of the globe and encounter  the wonders of the ocean.  It offers young people the opportunity to experience a world of  real adventure  on the seas and oceans of our planet , to  interact with people from all over the  world ,  and to  experienc e the huge variety of mankind’s cultu re and heritage. Today, more than ever, seafaring is a job that demands highly trained and qualified  personnel .  Modern ships are designed and built to the highest technical standards and  require crew members with a high level of professional competence .

To  operate them safely  and efficiently is a stimulating job in a truly hi - tech workplace.  But more than that, a successful seafaring career also holds the promise of a rewarding  career  ashore , after retiring from the sea.  There is an immense selection  of  challenging and  rewarding  professions ashore  for which a career at sea provides an excellent background  – such as ship surveying and inspection , maritime pilotage, ship operations management and  many more. On the Day of the Seafarer, I wish to encourage  everybody who is already engaged in this  vital professional world to reach out to a new generation; tell them about your life and your  work; inspire and encourage them to explore for themselves a  career at sea or  elsewhere  in  the maritime industries.

Please, show your support for  our campaign, using the resources available on the  Day of the  Seafarer page on the  IMO website; and if you’re on social media,  don’t forget to share your  experiences using the campaign hashtag #CareeratSea. Together, l et us re ach  out  new  audiences and inspire a new generation of maritime experts and seafarers.

FORUM : International Day of the Seafarer - June 25

Thank you for taking part in the fifth edition of Day of the Seafarer. We are happy to report that the campaign has been a success, reaching millions across the world. More details on the campaign summary will be available shortly.

This year, IMO's Day of the Seafarer campaign aims to inspire young people to consider a career at sea and learn more about this viable and exciting profession.

This year the International Maritime Organization is shifting its focus to maritime education. We want you to consider a career at sea. Most people go to work in offices, factories and shops, but it's a different picture for seafarers: an office can be a hundred thousand-ton oil tanker or a cargo ship navigating the world’s oceans with beautiful landscapes.
The campaign shows how the multi-faceted maritime world offers a series of rich and fulfilling career opportunities for young people, both at sea and ashore.
Below you can read or download our toolkit which tells you how you can join the campaign. Watch our videos and visit our photo wall to upload your picture showing the world what a career at sea looks like.
Also, if you are on social media, you can start to spread the word, share your experiences using the campaign hashtag #CareeratSea.
Learn more about the IMO Maritime Ambassador Scheme, launched by IMO to to promote the maritime and seafaring professions and raise awareness of the positive benefits of choosing a career at sea or other maritime profession.​

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