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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

International Day of Friendship 2015, July 30th.

The International Day of Friendship was initiated by an individual who had a simple but profound vision: that the forces of animosity and hatred in our world are no match for the power of the human spirit.
I had the opportunity, earlier this year in Paraguay, to commend that pioneer, Dr. Ramón Bracho, for his conviction that just as friendship builds bridges between people, it can also inspire peace in our world.
This is of paramount importance as we confront the discrimination, malice and cruelty that drive conflicts and atrocities afflicting millions of people today. We must counter these destructive trends with a renewed commitment to finding our common humanity and fostering shared progress.
On this International Day of Friendship, let us strengthen bonds among individuals and generate greater respect and understanding in our world.

Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary-General.

FORUMInternational Day of Friendship - 30 July

Want More Close Friends?

Although people have often dismissed online social media as the domain of the lonely, or an escape from the deep connections made in the “real” world, our most recent data over at the Science of Friendship project pokes holes in that assumption. People are not only making friends online, they are making deep and meaningful friendships. Over 68% of those surveyed* made a friend they considered a close friend in the last year, and over 80% of those close friendships were made online. That’s over 54% of people who made a close friend online in the last year.

The science of Friendship

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