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Friday, 7 October 2011

World Post Day 2011 - communication supports

World Post Day- 9th October

"Create awareness of the role of the postal sector in people’s and businesses’ everyday lives and its contribution to the social and economic development of countries."

communication supports

WPD Promotionnal Banner (for IT staff or webmasters)
To insert the World Post Day promotional banner on your website, click on one of the links below to download it.
Download English version
Download French version
Download Arabic version
Download Chinese version
Download Portuguese version
Download Russian version
Download Spanish version

Official poster

World Post Day poster

In this age of the Internet, postal services worldwide continue to facilitate personal communication and commercial exchanges.

Using a selection of stamps from around the world, the 2010–2012 poster shows individuals, independent of their place of residence or culture, using the Post to communicate with others, within and across borders.
The poster shows in a simple yet effective way the fundamental values of the postal service.


World Post Day logotype

The new World Post Day logo gives the annual event its own visual identity. Two components – a graphic and a text – compose the logo.
The graphic shows two individuals exchanging an object. This object could be a letter, a parcel, money, merchandise, i.e. any item that may be transported by postal services.

The individuals appear at the forefront of two stamps – universal symbols of the Post. They look as if they are jumping over borders, demonstrating the reach of mail exchanges not only within but also across territorial borders. The stamps' colours are significant.

The blue represents the sky, while the green represents the earth. These colours evoke the various means used to convey postal messages (distribution by road, by foot, by air and, more and more, by cyberspace).

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