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Monday, 19 December 2011

ATHA Humanitarian Assistance Webcast 4: NGOs’ Rights and Responsibilities for Humanitarian Access

ATHA Humanitarian Assistance Webcast 4: NGOs’ Rights and Responsibilities for Humanitarian Access

Course Facts

Course start date: 
December 16, 2011
Course end date: 
December 16, 2011
Apply by: 
December 16, 2011
ATHA Community Forum on Humanitarian Action

This Forum will work as an open forum for professionals seeking a platform for discussions within the humanitarian context, but also serve as an ATHA Alumni Network for the participants entering into the training program (read more about the program and its activities at

Within this Forum we have created various discussion topics that are related to each of the thematic areas the program covers. When entering into the ATHA program participants will automatically receive an invitation to join the Forum.

How to join? To join the group you need to send in your request through your LinkedIn account. All applications to join will be reviewed and decided by the ATHA Team. You need not to have participated in ATHA Trainings to be eligible to enter into the Community Forum. Nevertheless, you need to have a professional affiliation to an humanitarian or development or other relevant actor.

The forum is open for discussions and networking that falls under humanitarian action and related issues. However the discussions will not be facilitated by the organizers of the Program, but driven by its members. Within this context ATHA will have the role of operational management of the group, creating an opportunity for discussions between professionals and inform about activities within the ATHA program.

Please note also that the issues addressed within this forum does not represent HPCR, HPCR International, Sida policy nor any Swedish Governmental Agency, but provides a neutral space for reflection.

We do hope you will enjoy our ATHA Community Forum for your professional communication and development!

- The ATHA Team

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