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Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Water for Food, Water for Life:  A Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management is available

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The Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture critically evaluates the benefits, costs, and impacts of the past 50 years of water development, the water management challenges communities are facing today, and solutions people have developed. The results will enable better investment and management decisions in water and agriculture in the near future and over the next 50 years. The assessment is produced by a broad partnership of practitioners, researchers and policy makers.
Part I: Setting the Scene • Introduction • Conceptual Framework
Part II: Trends and Scenarios • Benefits, Costs and Challenges of Managing Water for Agriculture • Investment Options for the Future
Part III: Integrating Issues • Water for Food to Fight Poverty • Policy and Institutional Reform Processes for Sustainable Agricultural Water Management • Agriculture, Water and Ecosystems • Pathways to Improving Water Productivity
Part IV: Thematic Chapters • Managing Water in Rainfed Agriculture • Re-inventing Irrigation • Groundwater Use in Agriculture: A Global Assessment of Scale and Significance for Food, Livelihoods and Nature • Agricultural Use of Marginal-quality Water Resources Presents Opportunities and Challenges • Inland Fisheries, Aquaculture and Water Productivity • Integrating Water and Livestock Development • Rice: Feeding the Billions While Providing Unique Ecosystem Services • Conserving Land—Protecting Water • River Basin Development and Management • References, Index

Summary in English. Click here to download (PDF 5MB)
Summary in Arabic. Click here to download (PDF 1MB)
Summary in Russian. Click here to download (PDF 2MB)
Summary in Spanish. Click here to download (PDF4MB)
Summary in French. Click here to download (PDF4MB)

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Asian Irrigation Forum

Asian Irrigation Forum

Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture. 
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