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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

International Human Solidarity Day, 20 December 2011

International Human Solidarity Day 2011

International Human Solidarity Day, 20 December 2011: In the Millennium Declaration world leaders identified Solidarity as one of the fundamental values essential to international relations in the twenty-first century and emphasized  that “Global challenges must be managed in a way that distributes the costs and burdens fairly in accordance with basic principles of equity and social justice. Those who suffer or who benefit least deserve help from those who benefit most.” In the context of globalization and the challenge of growing inequality, the strengthening of international solidarity and cooperation is indispensable for the realization of the Millennium Development Goals.
Convinced that the promotion of the culture of solidarity and the spirit of sharing was important for combating poverty, the General Assembly proclaimed 20 December as  International Human Solidarity Day. 
bullet News Release: Durban: An urgent call for ‘preventive’ international solidarity to fight climate change 

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